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Allison Olmstead is a Los Angeles and Orange County based Interior & Architectural Designer with 25+ years of experience. Growing up in a real estate family Allison’s artistic talent is in her genes with conceptual visions which are outside of the box and unexpected. Her Mother, Jacqueline Olmstead is an accomplished well known interior & architectural designer. On her father’s side distant great Uncle Fredrick Law Olmsted designed New York City’s Central Park among famous buildings and parks across America. A graduate of USC University of Southern California with studies abroad in the historical decorative arts and architecture at University of Madrid in Spain. Allison brings her radical creativity and exciting eclecticism to projects creating unique designs for her successful globally minded clientele.

“Our mission is to create a clean design aesthetic for clients who appreciate beauty & value living in a visually exciting space stylized for their unique lifestyle.”

– Allison Olmstead




Allison Olmstead - Olmstead Design

“I had the pleasure of working with Allison on my new home in Shady Canyon and wish to express my absolute amazement at the design result that was achieved. Allison is a singularly creative and unique professional, who designs and styles an interior for the individuals that will be living in it, rather than adhering to a pre-set formula.

As a professional in the interior design world, Allison is extremely well-rounded. Her strengths lie not only in her creativity and vision, but extend also to her record-keeping, billing, logistics coordination and sub-contractor quality.

Allison pours her heart and soul into each project she does, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone! Please don’t hesitate to call should you wish to discuss this matter further.”

Kara P.
Luxury Residential Client

“I had the pleasure of working with Allison to design my home in Santa Monica. Allison’s creativity and flexibility was immediately apparent. She was able to capture the unique spirit, personality and need of each person. Allison’s ability to create a one-of-a-kind home which connects to the individuals who will be living in it is nothing short of amazing.

Aside from Allison’s impeccable taste and unstoppable imagination, the organization she brings to a project makes it truly a delight to work with her. Allison organized everything from the staining of my wood deck to the delivery and placement of artwork and furniture. A process that for some can become so stressful and time consuming was made enjoyable and downright fun.

I love the home Allison helped me create and would be delighted to speak with anyone regarding my endorsement of her work.”

Andrea N.
Luxury Residential Client

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